Pre-K to 6th Grade
Our season begins Monday, March 16...register NOW to see how great our adventure can be!

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Hello future Upward Football players:
In reflection of the closing of public schools, Bethlehem UMC will observe a Sabbath rest as well:
this means that all church activities (with the exception of our Sunday Worship Services)
including our planned Upward Football League practices are cancelled until Monday, April 6 2020.
So, we'll continue to recruit new registrations
(and will inform you if/when any deposits are applied before we do so...your check is not cashed before we begin)
We will update on this weekly here:

and on our Facebook Page here
Email with any questions or concerns.

We need you!


Practice Days:  Greeters, Snack Team, Assistant Coaches, Team Huddle Leaders


Game Days:  Greeters, Snack Team, Referees, Half-Time Team



Beginning Monday March 30 2020
All Access (all grades)  :  Mondays and Tuesdays 5-6pm
PreK / Kindergarten :   Tuesdays 6-7pm
1st / 2nd Grade :    Tuesdays 6-7pm
3rd - 6th Grade :    Mondays 6-7pm

*may change with participants' schedules (i.e. Friday pm or Sunday Aft)
PreK/Kindergarten:    Saturdays 9am

1st/2nd Grade:    Saturdays 10am

3-6th Grade:    Saturdays 11am
Update: we WILL have Friday Nite Lights
(Friday games will be available, so be sure to let us know if that works better for your family) 
4 Downs per half of arena
Maximum 6 players on field.     Minimum 3 players on line of scrimmage each down. 
30 second play clock.    7 second quarterback possession.
No run zones (5 yards from goal line; 10 yards surrounding mid-field) 
Touchdown 6 points      Safety 2 points    Extra Points:  1 (5 yard line)   2 (10 yard line)
No physical punts:  change of possession on 4th down or re-set at opponent's 5 yard line
1 time-out per half per team (30 seconds),  Clock stoppage by Referee in final minute of half/game 
Ball carrier's FEET determine spot of down.
Find out about our host site:
Click below for a simple training video and step-by-step instructions for step one
Our priority is the safety of our GUESTS, in this case children who are under our care.
Without hard work up front to ensure our volunteers are safe, our integrity is at stake -
click and complete each of the four sections below to meet our requirements to be a "Buddy". 
Have you moved to Pennsylvania within the last 5 years?
Click below to get information about an additional background check we require: