Bethlehem United Methodist Church
Tuesday, August 09, 2022
Mission Statement: To give of ourselves so others may know Jesus Christ.
Baptism is one of the two sacraments recognized by the United Methodist Church,
whereby we believe the grace of God comes out to us in a unique way.
In the United Methodist Church and in our local congregation
we practice infant baptism as well as baptism of the youth and adults who choose to be baptized.
In infant baptism, parents present their children to be received into the body of believers by the grace of God.
The act of baptism looks forward to the day that the person who is baptized,
will affirm for themselves what was done in their behalf.
The congregation commits itself to helping the parents raise their children
in the community of grace and the Christian faith.
In other baptisms, the participants express their desire to acknowledge God's grace in their lives,
affirm their faith in Jesus Christ and become a member of the community
where this faith can be nurtured and carried out.
The water of baptism is a sign of the washing away the sins and a new beginning in the Christian walk of faith.
The mode of baptism may be sprinkling, pouring or immersion.

Baptism is offered upon request and may be arranged throughout the year.
Please contact our church office at: 717-244-1486 to make arrangements.