Bethlehem United Methodist Church
Monday, August 08, 2022
Mission Statement: To give of ourselves so others may know Jesus Christ.
2021-2022 Interim Pastoral Team
Lead Pastor: Rev. Dr. Dennis Otto
Pastoral Assistant: Carol Burkindine 
Other Staff and Leadership at Bethlehem UMC
Director of Development, Discipleship and Youth: Sean Garner   
Congregational Care: Kimberlee Piper
Children's Ministry Coordinator: Julie Spyker 
Nursery/Toddler Coordinator: Sue Sharp
Choir Director: Natalie Smith
Organist: Roger Fuller
Contemporary Worship Coordinator: Bob Huska 
Chair: George Jones
Vice-Chair: Ronald Kirkwood
Secretary: Teresa Bollis 
Lay Leader: Dan Jordan   
Lay Delegates to Annual Conference H. Rondald Swift, Suellend Williams, Peter Atwood 
Administrative Council Members at Large: 
Louise Reisinger, Lori Breen, Pete Atwood, Jane Weaver, Linda Atwood, Bob Kuhn, Ryan Harper, Mitch Rodkey
Honorary Members of the Administrative Council: 
Marguerite Kornbau, Gene Gemmill, Paul Summers, Katheryn Summers, Bob Good
Chair (elected in commitee): Jay Orwig/Robert Schmuck
2019 Term:  Wendy Pichler, Jame Hielman, Todd Oberdick 
2020 Term: Mitch Rodkey, David Lentz, Caorle Koch (treasurer)
2021 Term:  Robert Schmuck, Jay Orwig, Leslie Reamer
Finance Committee Chair: James Stine   
Financial Secretary: Linda Reed (for accounting)   
Financial Secretary: Sandi Neal (for audit) 
Assistant Financial Secretaries: Georgia Heilman, Terry Tyson, Palmer Poff, James Stine (for purpose of check signature)
Stewardship Chair: All Wikert/Ed Hesson     
Endowment Fund Committee   
Chair- George Jones   
2019 Team: Austin Eberly   
2020 Term:  Patrice Heironymus   
2021 Term: Dave Raver
Lani Jones, Kay Ann Seitz, Margaret and Tom Tome, Louise Reisenger, Terry Tyson, Roger Mentzer, Carole Koch, Torus Crouse, Janet Fuller, Julie Zart, Linda Schmuck, Kimberlee Piper, Carolyn Rojahn, Margie Orwig, Nancy Knisely, Gail Gianneschi
2019 Term:      Cynthia Lentz, Austin Eberly, Dan Jordan
2020 Term:      Ron Swift, Jill Heilman, Bill Morton 
2021 Term:       Debra Young, Jane Weaver, Bill Garmen 
 (formerly Nominations/Personnel) 
2019 Term: Patricia Bowersox, Georgia Heilman, Elizabeth Trump 
2020 Term: Palmer Poff, Brad Coe
2021 Term: David Lentz, Gail Gianneschi   Higher Education/Campus Ministry:  Ann Morton 
Carole Koch (chair)
Gail Gianneschi, Jim Hott, Linda Meanor, Nancy Foster, Ryan Haper   
Prayer Team   Kim Piper/Carol Swift   
Certified Lay Minister:  H. Ronald Swift
Historian: Brad Coe   
Co-chairs Kelli and Scott Sellers
Technology and Communications Team 
Keith Metzel, Michah Metzel
Website- Sean Garner
Facebook- Steve Navaroli, Melissa Harper, Deborah Raver
Education Chair:           Sean Garner
Scouting Institutional Representative: Mike Letts
Children's Coordinator (staff)  Julie Spyker
Youth Coordinator (staff) Sean Garner
Higher Education/Campus Ministry:  Ann Morton
Pre-school Board of Directors: 
Co-chairs- Jolene Hill/Alesia Bray 
Members: Barbara Kirkwood, Julie Spyker, Cathy Mentzer, Roger Mentzer, Jim Heilman, Chris Fetter, Dolly Wheeler, Lisa Hott, Dolly Wheeler, Pre-school staff members 
Youth Team   Sean Garner (lead)  Ryan Harper, Kim Bacon, Andra Bull, Palmer Poff