Bethlehem United Methodist Church
Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Mission Statement: To give of ourselves so others may know Jesus Christ.
Starting Wednesday, March 13
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Building on the excellence of the children's ministry of Bethlehem United Methodist Church
to provide opportunities for young people (in grades 3-6)
to build strong relationships with each other and with God.   
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 1. The purpose is to bring the 3rd through 6th kids together outside of the Sunday school classroom.
2. This is a key time in their development.  3rd - 6th grade is different than others.  
    The struggles are unique, but given the opportunity the kids will find that the struggles they face are similar to what the others face.  
    They can support and raise each other up both during and outside of Sunday school.
3.   Momentum is an opportunity offer the consistency of Wednesday evenings for Meals & More (in addition to our weekly Sunday School and monthly Children's Ministry events).
4. We encourage parents to come and participate in an M&M group.  
    However, if they have other commitments, parents can pre-register to have their child sign in with Chad and Deanna at 5:30PM for dinner and pick them up after bonding at 7:30PM.  
5. We recognize that it may not be possible for every child to make it every week.  
   However, with the consistency of every Wednesday, perhaps a balance-point can be reached.