Bethlehem United Methodist Church
Friday, April 23, 2021
Mission Statement: To give of ourselves so others may know Jesus Christ.
                                                                                                                                                                          FROM OUR PASTOR

                              Dear Friends in Christ,


                                    I have taken people on dozens and dozens of tours through the buildings, both new and old, that are part of our Ministry Center here at                                         Bethlehem.  Of course, I hear their reaction, which usually sounds like this: “Wow!”  And in my own way, I join with their voices to say,

                                   “Wow!”  I cannot help but think that God smiles at all of this as he has watched dreams turn into visions, and visions turned into reality.  

                                   And all of it – ALL of it – is given by God.  And we give God all the praise.


                                      But I need to step back and remind myself… remind all of us that the building is not an end to itself.  A building is nothing more than a                                                     tool.  People often say to me, “I bet you are glad that the building project is over.”  And I reply that I am.  But then I quickly tell them

                                       that the real  work is just beginning.  The buildings God has given us are a means to an end.  What is that end?


                                 Jesus said, “I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.” (John 12:32)  That is the “end” that we are after.  That is the “end” of                                    this new building and all of our buildings:  To lift up Christ.  So now, I submit to you that the real work begins.  We are going to do our best to fill                                    up these buildings with ministry and mission.




                                 As you consider what you will do in support of the mission of Bethlehem Church, remember what it is finally all about.  It’s the mission – it is

                                  lifting up Jesus.  We pray that God will guide us in all that lies ahead.  Let us gladly join with each other to retire our debt, continuing to ask the

                                   question: “What does God want to do through me?”  



                                                                                                                   In Christ’s love,


                                                                                                                             Pastor Roger



                                                                                                                                                                     FROM OUR FINANCE CHAIR

                                   Dear Friends in Christ,


                             Together we have been on a three-year journey, and what a journey it has been.  We began the New Vision Capital Campaign in May 2015,                                                   with a theme “Now is the Time, We are the People.”  There was nothing tangible to see, only our vision, and an artist’s rendering of what an                                         expanded facility could look like.  Today, in May 2018, we enjoy our new Fellowship Hall, the multi-purpose first floor where we play and                                              worship, and the Common Grounds Café.

                                          With this letter, we are now embarking on a second campaign, one with an expanded theme “Now is the Time, We are the People …. And now:                                  Open the Doors to the Mission - With God We Can Make It Happen.“  


                                  Three years ago you were encouraged to pray, and part of that prayer included ”what does God want to do through me?” You

                                   prayed, and you responded in a magnificent way.  Based on the $1.45 million in pledges from you, the faithful members of our                                                               Bethlehem family, we were able to plan for a $3.25 million expansion project that, deep down, we knew would end up being

                                    closer to $3.5 million.  At the conclusion of this message you will find a detailed breakdown of the significant costs encountered in bringing                                         God’s vision to reality.  I am blown away when I look at what we have accomplished over these three years.  Think about it for a moment                                              and see if you are not also amazed.  In three years we have spent approximately $4.135 million, which does not include any monies

                                   spent  in our move toward expanded parking, and we only have remaining an obligation of about $1.6 million to Fulton Bank.  In my mind                                              this is more than amazing. 

                                  It is God’s hand at work in the lives of His people. 


                                        Although it isn’t glamorous, yes, over these next three years we will be paying off our obligation. Once again, by seeking Him in faith

                                        and in prayer, it is God who will guide us to discover what part of our resources we can set aside as we partner with Him.

                                        But also over these next three years, and beyond, we will begin to see our mission to the community flourish.  



                                        Karen and Richard Carpenter recorded a song that perfectly describes where Bethlehem stands at this very moment.  

                                        Their song title “We’ve Only Just Begun” says it all.  What kinds of amazing ministries will be born over the next three years?  

                                        How many lives will be changed? How will God use our facilities, and more importantly our people, His people, to move forward His

                                        kingdom?  Truly we are living in exciting times.  Our church is standing at a crossroads in Dallastown, and if we are really observant

                                        we will all be “blown away” as we witness God in action.  Together, as we partner with God, let us find our own individual part to play.  

                                        We have opened the doors. Now let’s get going as we fulfill our mission “to give of ourselves so others may know Jesus Christ."



                                                                                                                                                            Jim Stine





                                                                                                                                                                              FROM OUR MEMBERS

                                    Ten years ago, when we were seeking a new church home, we were drawn to Bethlehem week after week because of the worship experience.


                                   In this time of church growth, it is exciting to welcome new people to our worship services to hear God’s truths proclaimed

                                   and to praise him for who he is and for all he’s done.


                                     Together as we grow in Christ may worship become for each of us not only a weekly gathering but a way of life. 

                                                                                                                                            Carol Swift



                                        Among the many important things our church does is to provide opportunities to build relationships…

                                   relationships among each other, relationships with those outside our doors, and of course a relationship with our Lord.


                                   I remember having a conversation with Pastor Roger in my home when I shared some background of the course of my life,

                                   and concluded that I have come a long way. Many people, mostly outside of my family, have influenced who I have become.

                                   And in more recent years, they are the many people within the walls of our church who have brought me closer to Christ

                                   and to the feeling of being a part of a wonderful, caring church family!



                                   In reading through the recently published booklet, Showing Christ by Serving Others,

                                   I was in awe of all that our people do to build relationships with those both within and beyond our doors.

                                   Seeing it all written down makes one realize how much God is at work growing his people.




                                    As we continue to move forward, what an exciting time it is! There will be many opportunities to utilize our new “spaces” in ways

                                   that are now possible. Just today I attended a Senior Symposium at the JCC with Kim Piper. She and I have envisioned a similar event

                                   taking place at Bethlehem. We concluded that we now have the perfect place to host such an important opportunity for those

                                   who face new challenges. 



                                   As we come to the second phase of our Capital Campaign, it is my hope that all will open their lives and talents to the leading of the Lord

                                   so you can say that you too have come a long way.  

                                                                                                                                       Kathy Kauffman




                          Bethlehem has been my second home and extended family since 2002. 



                         Throughout the highs and lows in my life, involving divorce, single parenthood, remarriage, and moving to MD,

                                 Bethlehem United Methodist Church has remained that constant beacon of light and hope.

                                 What started out as a quick walk down the street to church has turned into 100 miles in the van twice a week. I would have it no other way. 



                         Bethlehem United Methodist Church is the center of our family’s life. We value the people, friendships, fellowship, faith building, mission work,

                                 music ministry and children and youth ministries. The new building expansion is already allowing more families to be welcomed into our church.                                  What a blessing it is to see God continuously at work in Dallastown and beyond! 



                                                                                                                   To God be the Glory!


                                                                                                                   Melinda Davidson





                              What does the church mean to me? Well church is a big part in my life we go to church every Sunday.

                              When I walk into the new extension I see a room full of caring and believing people.

                              That is what I want to be like when I grow up. I think that church is helping me grow up in the right direction.

                              The new extension is an amazing part of this church. It brings the people in the traditional service closer to the contemporary.

                              I see more and more people from the traditional service since we have had the extension. I am glad to see more people coming to the

                                           service to learn and hear about the bible. The new extension provides more people to look up to.

                              The church provides wonderful music whether it is the choir in the traditional service or the band in the contemporary service and sometimes even

                              the bell choir.The music has inspired me to join the music  programs they have at the church.The church provides a youth band, a youth choir,

                              the TLC youth choir, and when I'm old enough the bell choir. The music is wonderful at our church.

                              In conclusion, church is a big part of my life. Second, the new extension is an amazing part of the church.

                              Lastly, they provide wonderful music.I  really love my church and what the church provides.



                                                                                                                             Katelyn Harper