Bethlehem United Methodist Church
Wednesday, April 01, 2020
Mission Statement: To give of ourselves so others may know Jesus Christ.
Reaching Students in Grades 7 through Grade 12 at Bethlehem UMC
6-7:30pm    Wednesdays 


 December 2019        

December 1 SNS Christmas Party (5-7pm)

December 8 Serve: Make a Wish (11:30am -2pm)

December 15 $5 Meal Day    (11:30am -2pm)


   January 2020

January 4 Open Gym     (11:30am -2pm)

January 12 SHINE Serve: FL Prep  (11:30am -2pm)

January 19 $5 Meal Day     (11:30am -2pm)

January 26 Sunday Nite SHINE (5-7pm)


   February 2019

February 2 Open Gym    (11:30am -2pm)

February 9 $5 Meal Day     (11:30am -2pm)

February 16  Sunday Nite SHINE  (5-7pm)

February 23 SHINE Serve    (11:30am -2pm)


   March 2019


March 1 Open Gym    (11:30am -2pm)

        March 8           SHINE Brunch Fundrai$er  (8am-noon)

      March 15 Sunday Nite SHINE  (5-7pm)

March 22 $5 Meal Day     (11:30am -2pm)

March 29 Cancer Crushing 5k  (11:30am -2pm)


   April 2019

April 5 SHINE Serve: FL Prep  (11:30am -2pm)

April 12 No SHINE: Easter

April 19 $5 Meal Day  (11:30am -2pm)

April 25/26 SHINE Serve: Chili Cook-off  (sat/sun)


   February 2020

May 4 Open Gym     (11:30am -2pm)

May 10 No SHINE: Mother’s Day

May 17 $5 Meal Day     (11:30am -2pm)

May 24 No SHINE: Memorial Day Wknd

June 7 SHINE Serve: FL Prep  (11:30am -2pm)

don't miss these Sunday events with SHINE
Once a month we gather in the evenings (5-7pm)
for a combination of all below: gym time, meal together and a message or serve event as a group!
People and ministries always need help. 
Stay after church and join us after church (til 2pm)
and we'll provide some food, then help others.
We have a gym, let's use it!
Join us after church and we'll have lunch provide,
plus get to have some fun together and let you head home in time to get that homework done (by 2pm).
Let's take a ride after church and grab lunch together at some new place each month, just bring along $5, we'll cover the rest and get you back in time for the rest of the day's adventures (by 2pm).
join us on Wednesday evenings
participate in these other SHINE events
don't miss what God is doing each summer
                          2020 during VBS Week                                              2020 Florida Mission Trip