Bethlehem United Methodist Church
Sunday, May 26, 2019
Mission Statement: To give of ourselves so others may know Jesus Christ.
- Student Life Mission and Conference Week -
Join students in worship and God's Word twice a day just 400 feet from the Atlantic Ocean!
World-renowned Daytona Beach offers the best in ocean activities, boardwalk entertainment (ferris wheel, restaurants, go carts, shopping, etc.).
Combine incredible communicators and worship leaders with God's beautiful creation to create an unforgettable week that draws us closer to Jesus.
Plus, we add daily work projects and time on the beach. 
     #1 Sign up    
                   REGISTER BY APRIL 21 (Easter Sunday) with $50 deposit
     #2 Volunteer
                     Help us fundraise at SHINE FUNDRAISING EVENTS ($ for transportation, food,etc BEYOND your cost)
                              Spring Bazaar  (9am-2pm  Saturday, April 6) 
                             Isaac's Meal Day  (11am - 8pm Sunday, April 14) 

                             Chili Cook-off    (10am or 11:30am Sunday, May 5) 

     #3 Train       
                        Join us from 11:30am - 2pm on Sunday, May 19th to eat a meal together, meet the team and train for the mission trip.
   #4 Final payment       
                        Pay the $100 remainder payment (i.e. the trip only costs you $150 total) by Sunday, June 2.
     Worship Leaders                 Speakers


               Saturday, July 13

               6 PM                Vehicles Depart

               Sunday, July 14

               AM                  Daytona Flea Market


                 ....afternoon schedule follows regular weekday schedule.


               Monday, July 15


               8am                Breakfast Buffet (make your lunch)     


               9:30am           Work Projects                                            


              ....afternoon schedule follows regular weekday schedule.

               Weekday Schedule (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

               8am                Breakfast Buffet (make your lunch)     


               9:30am           Morning Worship Session    (Morning Conference Session starts on Monday morning)                                             


               11:30am         Lunch with your work team      (either on your work-site or on your way to your work-site)


               noon-3pm       Work project                                                                          


               3-5pm             Beach time/Free Time                                                                                  


               6pm                Dinner  


               7pm         Evening Worship Session    (Conference starts on Monday night and ends on Thursday night)


              9pm              Late Night Options
              Thursday, July 16 


              9pm              Vehicles leave...
              Friday, July 17 


              noon              Vehicles arrive in PA
     All events are at Daytona Beach, Florida
     Conference:       Daytona Beach Convention Center
     Housing:            Community United Methodist Church (beachside, Daytona)
        1 sleeping bag/air mattress*
          1 pillow
              1 backpack (full of stuff to fight off boredom in the van) 
        1 bag, no suitcases*  (work outfit, beach outfit, regular outfits, shower supplies) 
               *All these must stay on or under the seat where you are while we drive overnight
         WHAT DO I DONATE?

        Your ministry leader will ask you to donate certain food items so we can leverage your money donations

        toward our mission projects (rather than toward your belly!). Check with them to find out what you need to donate.



        Students should not need $ for meals, but may want spending $ for snacks, etc (beach, evening, and band merchandise, etc)