Bethlehem United Methodist Church
Monday, October 22, 2018
Mission Statement: To give of ourselves so others may know Jesus Christ.
This unique trip involves multiple states (Pennsylvania/ North Carolina and more) and four different experiences-
1. Student Participant (completed grade 8 by July 2019)
High School students attend Student Life conference and complete mission projects.

2. Young Adult Participant (age 18-23)
Stay on-site and join us for Student Life Conference and mission projects without the role of a team leader or volunteer.

3. Volunteer  (age 18+)
Adult or Young Adult leaders serve along-side our student teams (adults have the option to join us at our host-site or get a hotel
and both Adults and Young Adult Volunteers choose how to serve:
at the conference, at the work-site only, on-site hosts or as a full event chaperone)

4. Family (all ages- parent/guardian required)
Bring entire family (stay at a local hotel near our host site) and join us for meals and optional mission projects if desired.
WHEN?                                                                                                                       WHERE?
Conference: 7pm Monday July 15 through 10pm Thursday, July 18                                   Daytona Beach, Florida
Departure:  Depending on your team                                                                                 Conference:  Daytona Beach Convention Center
Return:       Friday, July 13                                                                                                   Housing:       Community United Methodist Church (beachside, Daytona)
HOW MUCH?                                                                                                                   WHO IS LEADING THE CONFERENCE?
       $155 for the conference                                                                                          SEE MORE HERE
       Additional prices vary per organization                                                                   Teaching:  TBA
        Cash for your personal purchases                                                                           Worship:   MOSAIC WORSHIP, CROWDER, Andy Mineo
WHAT IS THE SCHEDULE?                                                            WHAT DO I BRING?

9:30am   Morning Session    (Worship/teaching)                                                 1 sleeping bag/air mattress*

11:30am   Lunch

noon-3pm  Work project                                                                           1 pillow

                            (Arrival on Monday)

3-5pm              Beach time                                                                               1 backpack (full of stuff to fight off boredom in the van)    

6pm                 Dinner  

7pm   Evening Session (Worship/Teaching)                                          1 bag, no suitcases*  (work outfit, beach outfit, regular outfits, shower supplies) 

                            (Departure after Evening Session on Thursday)                                      *All these must stay on or under the seat where you are while we drive overnight


  Bread, PB&J, chips, drink mixes, etc



  Students should not need $ for meals, but may want spending $ for snacks, etc (beach, evening, etc)