Bethlehem United Methodist Church
Friday, April 23, 2021
Mission Statement: To give of ourselves so others may know Jesus Christ.



Community UMC Harvey Avenue Daytona Beach, FL


With the conference we usually attend cancelled: 

our goal is to do as much work as possible-

pulling & restoring flooring, expanding the kitchen 

and building bunk beds and dorm rooms in this church.

Participants will have supervised time on the beach and local recreation, but our focus will be on transforming the location.


Without the student conference - 

  we can apply all of our resources to our project.

-  If you are able to give a deposit 

    (remember our initial $50 request), great!


-  If you are able to help us with the Yard Sale…even better…

     every dollar goes directly to the costs of this trip.


-  If you are able to talk others into sponsoring us 

    (Lowes/Home Depot Gift cards, $ donations) awesome.


We have SO much work to do - any $ is extremely helpful.

 What to Pack?


 - Backpack, Pillow & Sleeping Bag for overnight travel

(including face mask, ear plugs and/or headphones)


- SOFT bag/gym bag for clothes (no suitcases)

Work clothes (closed toed shoes, shorts, t-shirts, gloves)

Casual clothes (shorts, t-shirts, etc)

Shower gear (towel, flip-flops, etc)


- Air mattress


(all meal costs will be included in trip)





EXPANDED immediate SOCIAL group

The past few months your immediate social group has been limited to your family-this trip.

There is no way around it:

committing to this mission trip automatically expands that immediate social interaction

to the all the team members on this team, even with our committed sanitization processes

We will eat together, work together and sleep in the same general area.


 Our interaction with our host church will basically be eliminated:


  -We will wear masks with any interaction with church members or on-site groups.


  -We will not be serving with the mid-week food ministry 


  - We will be required to clean and sanitize any areas that we use outside of our third floor project 


  - We will obey any local and state laws in relation to Covid-19 during our stay and travel to and from Florida.