Bethlehem United Methodist Church
Saturday, May 26, 2018
Mission Statement: To give of ourselves so others may know Jesus Christ.
                    MAY 3, 2015
                    Bethlehem United Methodist Church in Dallastown, Pa is in the midst of a 2015 Capital Campaign to expand its ministry and building.
                    Members of the congregation were asked to share the reasons forbeing thankful for Bethlehem Church
                    and why they share excitement and enthusiasm for the possibility of our building project

                    May 10, 2015

                    Bethlehem United Methodist Church has been promoting a  2015 Capital Campaign among their congregation in order to support an expansion on its                            ministry and building. As part of a Sunday service worship, various members showed their card board testimonies.

                    These testimonies showed the members writing brief statements on both sides of the card board.

                     The first side would show a personal struggle in life, while the second one will describe the person’s deliverance from that affliction.

                    May 17, 2015
                 Bethlehem United Methodist Church in Dallastown, Pa has created a video on the history of the church as well as including segments of interviews
               with members of the congregation to promote the2015 Capital Campaign for expansion of its ministry and building.

                    May 30, 2015
                    Bethlehem United Methodist Church organized a dinner to keep promoting the 2015 Capital Campaignamong the members of the congregation.
                The event included a very skillful artist, Joe Hurst, from Lancaster, Pa. Joe has been drawing, painting and teaching classes in his studio and home school                co-ops.  He shared with us his philosophy: "Whether a cartoon, a caricature, a watercolor piece, or an acrylic painting, my goal is to share my love for God                through art." Joe created a drawing with a theme called: "You Can Make A Difference". 
               He also created cartoon drawings from various children from the congregation.

                                                                May 30, 2015


                                              May 17, 2015


                                               May 3, 2015