Bethlehem United Methodist Church
Saturday, May 26, 2018
Mission Statement: To give of ourselves so others may know Jesus Christ.
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1. Before Sunday School Begins:
 Children are greeted with a warm welcome!

As students arrive they write down their joys, concerns, anything they want to talk to God about on slips of paper and place them in our prayer box; these can be lists, stories, pictures – anything they want!

(Teachers and coordinators are available to help the younger children with this.) 

 2. Opening:
At 9:30 all children (Preschool to 6th grade) will gather on the prayer steps – this is the time where children will have the opportunity to share whatever they put in the prayer box out loud if they wish to.
With the combination of the confidential prayer box and the opportunity for the children to share with the group, it gives every child a chance to talk to God however they feel most comfortable – silently, out loud or creatively.
We will then lift their prayers up to God before breaking into their individual classes by age group. 
3. Extended Opening for Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st - 3rd Grade:
At this time, the 4th - 6th grade will be dismissed to their class. Preschool-3rd grade will stay together and head over the TV area for the beginning of their lesson.

We are keeping these children together a little longer because their lessons for the day are based around the same theme – they will separate into their respective classes right after this extended opening.

This extended opening includes review of our monthly bible verse/theme, songs that correlate to that theme and a different DVD movie each week that kicks off the specific lesson of that day.

It will vary with the curriculum, but a game will sometimes be included in this extended opening for these students. 

 4. Specialized Classes By Ages:

All children are now divided out with the children of their own age group for a more targeted lesson for their age.

Location of the Preschool class will be determined by the number of students; they will either remain in the children’s department or they will walk up to the upstairs Sunday School classrooms.

We have special curriculum for each age group to ensure that each child is participating in the appropriate discussion, crafts and games for their age.

(Please see curriculum flyer for a breakdown of what each age group’s curriculum focuses on.)