Bethlehem United Methodist Church
Sunday, November 29, 2020
Mission Statement: To give of ourselves so others may know Jesus Christ.
We are so excited to welcome in the Christmas season with you!
Invite your family and friends to join us for all the holiday festivities
as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in 2020. 
We will continually update these events as information about Covid-19
impacts our availability to host them for you and your family.  
    Christmas Eve:  Thursday, December 24 

     noon                 Chapel Christmas Eve Worship Service   (a brief candlelight and communion service)


     noon-4pm Walk Through Bethlehem Audio Tour     (a journey through the Christmas story and songs)

     4pm        Kid-Friendly Worship Service      (candlelight service w. pictures from our Photo Contest)

     5:30pm Contemporary Worship Service       (candlelight service)

     7:30pm Contemporary Worship Service               (candlelight service)

     10:30pm Traditional Worship Service       (candlelight/communion)

                                * Glow-stick “candles” will be available for children at ALL worship services

Every in-person worship opportunity will be Live-Streamed 

on our Youtube Channel for you and your family to enjoy at home.

You can find the link at our website and on Facebook.

In addition, please request our Christmas @ Home DVD

-a collections of Christmas hymns and songs

from our Traditional and Contemporary services in the past

(plus an additional reading of the Christmas story by Pastor Roger)


so you can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ at home.


  11am-2pm:  10th Annual Community Christmas Day Dinner (open to public)
Founded on the premise that no one in our area should be alone or hungry on Christmas Day,
our church will once again open its doors in the true Spirit of Christmas and bring joy to folks of all ages in our community. 
A turkey dinner with all of the trimmings will be prepared and served in the New Fellowship Hall.


Please consider being part of this meaningful event by:


-Volunteering to help prepare and serve the meal Donating a frozen turkey


- Donating a home-baked dessert (cookies, pie, or cake)

-Making a monetary donation to help cover food costs 



Five dollars ($5) makes you a member of the Christmas Club that helps assist families in need throughout the Christmas season.

We are often called upon to help with food and children’s gift support.

If you wish to support this endeavor, mark an envelope “Christmas Club.”

On behalf of many we will help, please know of our thanks. 


You don’t need to commit to an indoor, in-person worship experience

to experience the story and songs of Christmas.

See the details below to participate in this amazing opportunity!


     #1 Plan your visit…

Plan ahead to join us between 5-7pm on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 20 

or between noon and 4pm on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 24 

     #2 Pack, park and pick up (or log-on to listen)

Arrive on-time. Park and exit your vehicle. 

And pick up (or download to your phone from our website) 

both the map and audio guide to our experience.

(only pre-recorded CDs will be available on-site - got a Walkman?

  if not, all the audio will be available for download to your phone

  and can also played directly from our website to your phone)

          *A Reminder: 

Due to subsequent on-site opportunities - worship experiences, etc-

and our commitment to sanitize our facility before others enter our building, 

we will close this event on time (7pm on 12/20; 4pm on 12/24)

     #3 Walk and experience

Begin your “tour” of the Bethlehem story at the rear of our building (Maple Ave)

and, while giving enough space from others, walk through each outdoor station

(with an optional “in-door” route available each day, as well)

to experience the joys of Christmas through both characters and songs

     #4 Head home (or join us for the in-person experiences that follow)

Either head safely home to celebrate or join us at the in-person experiences

that follow each tour (12/20 Talent Show Broadcast  12/24 Kid-Friendly Worship)

      Questions?   Email for more details.


     #1 Got a talent, request a recording time with us…

                Send an email to 

          to set up a personal recording time either at Bethlehem UMC or at home

          in order to arrange a meeting before SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19.

          Our high definition camera will capture every moment of your talent for all to see.

          or record your own at home.

           Or, if you have the ability to do so well, contact us and we’ll discuss the details

          of how to forward your video to us so it can be seen with joy.

     #2 Join us for our live broadcast at church or view it at home

     Feel free to stay at home and view the entire talent show on-line.

          Or, join us at Bethlehem UMC on Sunday December 20 as we host a live viewing.

                         Questions?   Email for more details.

Staying safe at home with your family 

doesn’t need to keep your family from participating in a LIVE nativity.

See the details below to participate in this amazing opportunity!


     #1 Request a costume from us…

Send an email to by SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12

    including the number of costumes, general sizes (tiny, small, larger, etc) 

    and, if interested - in particular, the characters you are requesting for your snapshot

                    (angels, shepherds, wisemen, Joseph, Mary, Inn Keeper, animals, etc)


A sealed bag with your costumes will be available during our in-person worship services

    during our in-person worship services on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13

    or during regular office hours on MONDAY, DECEMBER 14 (9am-3pm)


        ...or come up with your own.

What’s even more fun is to come up with your OWN costumes at home-

    No need to be fancy (or even church-y) - but help your child create their own design. 

Find items from their room or around the home- creativity, not accuracy, is key!

     #2 Find your scene (and inner character)

Next, find a spot in your home to take the perfect picture.

A closet can serve as the inn keeper’s door. Or the backyard and a few dogs 

can look like the field where the shepherds watched their flocks by night.

Again, be creative and go for your best show!

     #3 Snap a pic or two!

Take a pic or two of your best scene where we can clearly see your child! 

     #4 Send your pictures our way.

Email your pics to by SUNDAY, DECEMBER 20 

     #5 Watch on-line or in person

Sit back and enjoy as we include these pictures in our 4pm Kid-Friendly Worship Service

as Pastor Roger shares the story of Christmas and your family provides the scenery

needed to help us share it in style!

     Questions?   Email for more details.