Bethlehem United Methodist Church
Sunday, May 26, 2019
Mission Statement: To give of ourselves so others may know Jesus Christ.
CCCD Jamaica Mission Trip
The CCCD is a ministry that brings the gospel of Jesus Christ to the deaf of Jamaica.
     #1 Register with $100 deposit  (Non-Refundable)  
        #2 Raise/pay final cost by April 30, 2019
                               Total cost of the trip is $1,370.00   (so, $1,270.00 is due with your deposit of $100)

    #3 Meet the team
                               A luncheon/picnic with the Jamaica Mission Team will be scheduled each year - so you can meet those who are going.

    #4 Serve and share
                               Saturday June 29, 2019                         7am                 Meet at Bethlehem UMC parking lot
                                                                                                7:30pm            Van depart for BWI
                                                                                                11:35pm          SW Flight WN915 departs for Jamaica
                              Saturday June 29 -  Saturday July 6     Ministry at Jamaican Deaf Village with CCCD Jamaica
                              Saturday June 29, 2019                          12:30pm            SW Flight WN919 departs for BWI
                                                                                                7:30pm              Team Returns to Bethlehem UMC   
Jamaica Deaf Village
P.O. Box 5954   10 Shooter's Hill Manchester Jamaica, WI
         General schedule (details WILL change, daily....)
                             Saturday                       Departing Flight, Stop in town for food (Wendy's), Travel/Arrival at Village
                             Sunday                         Church service, Visit to Infirmary 
                             Monday                        Work Project Day 
                             Tuesday                       Travel to Montego Bay: Deaf Can tour,   Return: Village Tour

                             Wednesday                 Work Project Day 
                              Thursday                    Work Project Day / Afternoon Visit to Children's Home
                              Friday                          YS Falls

                              Saturday                     Return Flight