Bethlehem United Methodist Church
Sunday, May 26, 2019
Mission Statement: To give of ourselves so others may know Jesus Christ.
      What is it?                                                       
            Along with other churches, organizations and businesses, Bethlehem United Methodist Church hosts vendors
             for a Christmas shopping day that extends down Main Street in Dallastown. 
           All proceeds from vendor fees to directly to our Missions Fund and
             (while we prioritize those vendors who are members and ministries connected with Bethlehem UMC first),
              we host a variety of outside groups and vendors.
              This vendor spaces are available to outside organizations beginning in August of each year and are assigned until all spaces are taken.
            All four major rooms in our building (Wesley Hall, Old and New Fellowship Halls and our Gym) host vendors for an amazing experience for our guests.
      2018 Christmas in Dallastown Schedule
             Sunday, October 28
             Table Transfer after worship services
              *help us plan ahead by joining others as we do our initial preparation

             Thursday, November 1 
             Christmas in Dallastown Team prepares church
              *we do the hard work of preparing each room for Saturday
             Friday, November 2 
             5-7pm     Vendor Load-in           
              *our vendors bring their supplies into the church to prepare for Saturday
             Saturday, November 3
             9am-3pm    Christmas in Dallastown
               *we host hundreds of guests throughout the day

             3-6pm         Clean up/ReSet 
               *help us reset for Sunday's worship and ministries
       How can I help/volunteer?   
        Sunday, October 28 :  Table Transfer Team  (after worship)
              *join all of us as we move tables from our lower level to the main floor
        Thursday, November 1 :  Prep Crew  (9:30am-noon; 1:30-2:45pm)
              *help us prepare out building for our guests
             Friday, November 2 :    Vendor Support Team (5-7pm)
              *help our vendors find their spot and carry their supplies into our building
             Saturday, November 3
              Crossing Guards  (9am, 10:30am, noon, 1:30pm)  
              *help keep our guests safe as they cross Main Street to join us



              Bethlehem Kitchen Team    (10am-2pm)


              *help us raise money for missions by being a part of our Kitchen team



               Bethlehem Dining Hall Team       ( 9am-2:30pm


               *with our guests, serving, sharing, cleaning and more!


               Clean Up Team   ( 3-6pm )



               Help our team re-set our entire church for Sundays worship then join us for dinner afterwards.