Bethlehem United Methodist Church
Saturday, November 28, 2015
Mission Statement: To give of ourselves so others may know Jesus Christ.

Welcome to Bethlehem United Methodist Church


Our Mission:  To give of ourselves so others may know Jesus Christ. 

Bethlehem United Methodist Church is a congregation of Christian believers with over 180 years of history proclaiming the gospel and lifting the Biblical Faith before Dallastown, Red Lion and the surrounding community.
We are a church that believes in the power of God to bring new life to all people who earnestly seek it. We see the cross as a place where all people may stand in unity.
We are diverse in our membership, yet united with Christ in our commitment. Rather than seek conformity, our Christian task is to use our gifts to meet the needs of people in our community.
  We believe we are on the edge of an exciting new era. Come join us! 

The annual Advent Tea will take place on Sunday, November 29, 2015 at the Bethlehem's Sanctuary, beginning at 4 pm.
This year will feature the entertainment with a different look at Christmas through the music of Mr. Randy Kato.

Come and experience an afternoon of inspiring music for your soul, fellowship to uplift your spirits, and all kinds of delicacies to satisfy your appetite!
Link - 2015 Advent Devotionals 
The annual All-Church Christmas Dinner will be held on Sunday evening, Dec. 6, 2015 at 5pm.
Dinner will be followed immediately by the presentation of the Children's Christmas Musical, " A Christmas Carol".
This is a wonderful opportunity in the year to enjoy the Junior Choir, who have been working very diligently under the direction of Mrs. Malinda Davidson.


Electronic Giving/Offering
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We believe that following Jesus means we honor God with our finances in the way we give back to God and the way we spend our money.
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Questions:Please contact  church office: 717- 244 - 1486