Bethlehem United Methodist Church
Wednesday, July 08, 2020
Mission Statement: To give of ourselves so others may know Jesus Christ.
 Join us for this Weekend's Worship Service.
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As the Governor has moved York County to the Green Phase,
we are preparing to open for “Gathered Worship” on Sunday, June 21, following the Green Protocols.
We will begin with two services. 
The Contemporary Service will move from 8:30 to 9:15am.
The Traditional Service will be held as usual, at 10:30am. 
PLEASE NOTE: We are not going to hold 8am services for now,
as that would necessitate a cleaning crew move into the sanctuary immediately following the service
in order to disinfect for the next service. It is a complication we do not need early on in our process of re-opening.
As the church carefully moves forward our primary standard will be safety, safety, safety;
for any members and guests who will be with us for worship. 
To that end we will move slowly forward, abiding by best practices as guided by health and government officials.  
Life has changed. Upon your arrival on June 21 you may expect things to be different. 
The service will be shorter and will be oriented toward the family, for the children will remain in the service throughout 
We look forward to the day when we can resume our children’s program and practices. We will take it slowly.
Now for the details:
First and foremost… if you are not feeling comfortable with  coming to gathered worship, everyone understands. 
Persons over 60; especially those with special health conditions have heightened risks
     You must do what you believe is best. 
We respect everyone’s decision. 
We will continue to post worship as we have been practicing these last three months. 
We will be experimenting with taping live worship,
rather than splicing and editing from past days in worship.
You will quickly see the difference. Be patient.
If you are not feeling well on Sunday morning, please do not come to gathered worship.
If you do come, and find that you are ill, contact the church office immediately.
All parts of our building are and will be disinfected. 
Those areas of heavy use get special attention the very next day. 
You may depend upon that.
It is expected that all persons will wear masks. 
I have thought very carefully about this and am convinced that Jesus would absolutely worn a mask,
simply because he loved, served, and cared about others. We will have masks available for those who forget them.
We have had special masks made for the children and hope to give one to all present. 
Children under two are not required to wear them. 
Some persons find wearing a face covering causes difficulty breathing.
 If that is the case, special seating will be offered to you. 
The CDC has been clear in their recommendations, and it makes sense to follow them. 
You may also wear gloves.
We will practice social distancing. 
Chairs will be separated and pews will be marked to encourage us to be apart as expected. 
There will be no hand-shaking, hugging, or kissing. 
Control your coughs and sneezes.
Hand washing and hand sanitizing is expected of all.  
Flat surfaces in all areas will be minimized control the need for disinfection.  
Entrances and exits will be staffed to direct persons to preferred entrances, minimizing handling of doors.
Hymnals and Bibles, along with other items will be removed from the pews for now. 
The use of paper will be minimized. We have screens and will use them.
Offering plates will not be passed. Instructions will be given as to where and how your tithes and offerings may be placed.
Special Communion packages have been ordered that will be very safe. 
We hope to have them by the 21st, although like hand sanitizer, they are in unusually high demand.
There will be no “fellowship time” with coffee, etc. This, too, will increase social distancing.  

I want to thank all for your patience through these historic days. 
I know that we have some who will not be with us for reasons of health and the threat that the coronavirus presents. 
I know that we have others who believe we should have found ways to open many weeks ago. 
For all, again I say, it is about safety, safety, safety.  

Blessings to all as we move slowly and wisely toward reopening for gathered worship.


At this time, our Common Grounds Coffee House will remain closed.
 Our Congregational Care efforts will also change, to comply with current guidelines. 
 Most residential and health care facilities are requesting that no non-essential persons enter their buildings in order to limit the spread and damage of the disease.  In support, we will temporarily suspend all home, nursing facility and hospital visits,
except in the case of life-threatening circumstances.  
 We do, however, want to remain very involved in caring for our members in this difficult time. 
PLEASE DO continue to call or email the church office, or Kim Piper (717-873-8150) with health and other prayer concerns.  
 We will reach out to these, and to our church family who are isolated, through phone, mail, etc.